The celebrity duo you never knew you needed just performed a musical duet together. Currently in its second season, the Canadian actor's comedy-drama series featured a familiar musical guest. Jim Carrey and Ariana Grande performed two songs together on Kidding and the videos will totally make your week. 

The "7 rings" singer appeared on last night's episode of the show which had its second season premiere on February 9.

They sang "Hope Is The Song" and "Stick Together" alongside Carrey's co-star Catherine Keener.

Carrey plays the character Jeff Pickles and Keener plays Deirdre. Grande's guest role was as a character named Piccola Grande, who is the "pickle fairy of hope".

She was dressed in a green fairy costume with glittery pickle slice wings and a wand. She also sported her signature ponytail and a bold eyeliner wing. Carrey matched her with a glittery green tie.

In the opening line of "Hope Is The Song", Grande sang, "Where do you turn when there's no one to turn to? Where when it's so hard to cope? How can you start to make a change, maybe learn to? What do you need? Hope is the song when the world is a menace. Hope is out there." 

The childhood TV show like set featured bright colours and scenery, balloons, and a lot of puppets.

In "Stick Together" Grande floated down as a fairy with glittery magic and Carrey opened the song singing, "What do you do when the barrel that carries you suddenly harries you?" The trio responded, "stick together!" 

Back in July 2019, the former Victorious star posted a photo on Instagram sharing the news that she would be on Carrey's show. 

In part of the caption, she wrote, "nothing is crazier than getting to work with and spend time with someone whom you’ve idolized and adored since before you could speak. actually, what’s even crazier is discovering that person to be more special and warm and generous in person than you ever could’ve imagined. i get to make a tiny appearance on the hilarious and deeply moving show Kidding next season. this was a DREAM of an experience. thank you thank you thank you Jim and thank you Dave for having me."

According to IMDb, Carrey's character Jeff is "a famous children's television icon" who "struggles to retain his sanity as his family falls apart."

Exclaim! claims that Grande's guest appearance "served as a full episode of the fictional show Mr. Pickles' Puppet Time."

You can catch the full series of Kidding on Crave

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