Joey King revealed that she had shaved her head back in October, and we finally know the reason why. The Kissing Booth star has shaved her head twice prior to this for movies, so she is no stranger to rocking this look. To be honest, with or without hair, Joey King is a boss. I remember watching her side by side with Selena Gomez in Ramona and Beezus, and knew she would grow up to be super cool. Well, I was definitely right. 

While Joey King rocks the no hair look in her everyday life now, she looks almost unrecognizable in the stills for her new show which she shaved her head for. In The Act, Joey can be seen with a bald head as well as fake teeth to portray Gypsy Blanchard. The Act is a show about Gypsy and her overbearing mother and wanting to escape that relationship. The Act shows the toxic relationship between a mother and daughter, and it actually ends in murder. This series comes from a true-crime article that was written on Buzzfeed two years ago, which was ultimately became an anthology series for Hulu. 

Joey King is very good at adapting to roles, but she said she has never had to completely transform for a role. She told Entertainment Weekly, "Transforming into Gypsy was one of the most challenging but most rewarding things I’ve ever done". We can definitely see that it paid off. You can see stills of the movie below. 

Via Hulu

Via Hulu

In the series Dee Dee, who is played by Patricia Arquette, so badly wants her daughter to be sick. This true-crime story will actually give you chills if you take the time to read the article, or watch the series on Hulu when it comes out.

Confinded to a wheelchair the whole series, Joey King told Entertainment Weekly, "Getting into the emotion and getting into the character of Gypsy was something I was so excited to tackle, but I was also admittedly super-nervous for". 

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If you're really into true-crime series, then this is one that you need to watch. Not only is it a true story, but the story is so twisted that you'll be shocked that someone could put this all together. Binge-watch this series starting on Hulu on March 20th. 

Via Hulu

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