Happiness is here and it's being offered at a discounted price! When the Jonas Brothers announced their comeback, you could hear the now-grown fans screaming across the globe. When they announced their world tour, Happiness Begins, fans prepared to pack themselves into stadiums and scream the songs they've known since they were ten. Now it's Toronto's turn and there are still tickets available. The Jonas Brothers concert is happening in Toronto this weekend and tickets are cheap! 

The Jonas Brothers are performing two shows here in Toronto one today, August 23, and one on August 24th. Tickets for the Jonas Brothers concert started at an insane price ($300 dollars for a decent seat) but they've since lowered them. 

Because the concerts aren't sold-out they're trying to get all those seats filled up at discounted prices. You can get a ticket to this weekends concert for as little as $47 dollars and a pretty decent view of the brothers for $101 dollars. That's literally more than half off! 

If you can't make it to Toronto for the concert this weekend, The Jonas Brothers will be back in Toronto and Montreal for the same tour this November! Make sure you pay attention to the prices closer to the concert date if you want to find the same deal! 

Jonas Brothers Happiness Begins tour tickets here

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