If you're a loyal Justin Bieber fan, you've probably been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for new music from the Canadian musician. His last album, Purpose, came out in 2015 and though he's dropped a few singles since then, it's been four long years without a full record. Recently, the not so subtle hints have been increasing and Justin Bieber's new album JB5 has actually been teased for almost a year. 

In late October, Bieber posted a now-deleted Instagram photo  that said, "If this gets 20 million likes, Justin Bieber will release an album before Christmas."

He followed it with another photo of white writing on a pink background that says "R&BIEBER" and the caption, "................🎥👀🎶".

Of course, 20 million likes is an ambitious number but it sat at around 11.8 million for a while before getting deleted. The photos gave us hope that the album would be out sooner than we expected. 

It looks like 2019 won't be the year of the new album, which is reportedly called "JB5", according to CapitalFM

However, 2020 is looking bright based on recent tweets from the 25-year-old singer. 

Just yesterday he wrote, "How many days away is #2020?" hinting at a countdown until the new year.

Earlier this week, Bieber also tweeted asking fans to list their top five songs from him with a link to his music on Spotify.

He followed that with a vague explanation saying, "I'm asking for a reason. Listen through the list and tell me your favorites. #2020".

Fans in the replies had their own speculations including thinking the tweets were about what songs should go on the new album.

Another person's guess was, "He really bout to drop an acoustic album of old songs".

This past June, the Stratford born star also tweeted, "More music coming. Happy Sunday" which had no date announced but got fans excited for new music

The hints go as far back as January when Scooter Braun tweeted "@justinbieber jb5!?!?", but deleted it soon after, according to CapitalFM

Luckily, they found a fan who managed to screenshot the tweet before it disappeared. 

Bieber seems fully aware that fans are eagerly waiting for a new record including this tweet from last month that says, "Drop the album already. Happy Thanksgiving".

He even recently bleached his hair which related to a belief he has that platinum coloured hair helps his albums go platinum. 

In the meantime, we still have I Don't Care that Bieber recently worked on with Ed Sheeran to hold us over.

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