I was pretty young when the Twilight franchise was in its glory, but I remember being literally OBSESSED with it. During that period in time, all things vampire and werewolf blew up in pop culture - it was all anyone wanted to read about or watch. In the years since, the fad has died down, and people definitely aren't as obsessed as they once were. It looks like Lindsay Lohan is trying to change that, though. She's starring in a new movie, and it's like Twilight, but worse.

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Via Movies Xtreme | Youtube

Over the past few years, Lohan has taken a step back from acting, but it looks like she's trying to make a comeback in 2019. Her latest film is called Among the Shadows, and it in, she plays the wife of a politician who's life is on the line. People are constantly trying to kill him, and as his wife, Lohan is worried.

Luckily, Lohan's husband also happens to have a niece who's a private investigator. Lohan hires her to protect her husband, and find out who has such a big target on him, although she already has a theory - the werewolves.

Via Movies Xtreme | Youtube

As it turns out, Lohan's husbands family are actually the descendants of werewolves, his niece included. His political rival also happens to be a werewolf, which is why he's constantly being attacked and nearly killed. Yikes.

Although the movie as a whole looks pretty bad, I will give it to Lindsay... She looks much better than she has over the past few years. Among the Shadows is expected to be in theatres sometime this year, but you can check out the trailer below:

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