She went from 0 to 100 real fast! Ontario teen, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, had her life drastically changed after sending in an audition tape on a whim. Now, she’s landed her first job and is the leading lady on Netflix’s newest hit series, Never Have I Ever.

If you’ve yet to hear about the new teen drama, it was created by The Office’s Mindy Kaling and according to IMDb, is loosely based on her own life experiences. The series follows Indian-American teen Devi who, after a tragic year that involved the death of her father, just wants to live the regular, popular, high school life.

Born in Mississauga, the actress told CBC News that the most experience she had before the series was starring in her school’s performance of Chicago.

However, in an exclusive interview with Narcity, she revealed that despite her lack of experience, her friend convinced her to send in a video after seeing the casting call posted by Kaling.

Things escalated quickly after her public library-filmed audition tape awarded her a callback. Before she knew it, Ramakrishnan was selected out of 15,000 hopefuls to play Devi.

She stars alongside Poorna Jagannathan and Lee Rodriguez but is currently the only Canadian on the show.

Since the series premiered, the Mississauga teen has been getting all the praise. With a high critic and audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, this series may have the potential to go far.

Despite it all, the actress is still keeping things humble. Opening up to the Los Angeles Times, she admits she still feels “pretty normal.” Although she thinks it’s “cool” that her face is now featured on the Netflix homepage, she confirmed, “I’m still me.”

Never Have I Ever has yet to be renewed for a season 2, however, Ramakrishnan told CBC News that she’s back to normal life in Mississauga and is keeping her “fingers crossed” for a second season.

You can catch all ten episodes of season one currently streaming on Netflix.

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