2019 was a big year for Kevin Hart with the release of the new Jumanji film, as well as his Netflix docu-series, Don’t F**k This Up. It looks like the actor is keeping the ball rolling into 2020 though, as it was recently announced the actor will be starring in the movie Man From Toronto alongside Jason Statham.

According to Kiss 92.5, official details for the upcoming film have yet to be revealed, although it’s rumoured it will be released later this year.

After hearing the title Man From Toronto, people have been speculating exactly what the film is about. People have also noted that the title is quite ironic, especially given that neither Hart nor Statham are from the 6ix themselves.

According to IMDb, a film with the same name was released back in 1933 about a rich widow named Leila who, after disguising herself as a maid, winds up falling in love with her employer, a rich Canadian bachelor named Fergus.

It hasn’t been confirmed whether the two films have any sort of relationship, although it doesn’t seem likely that the action movie-star and the comedian would star in a romantic comedy together.

“Perhaps starring Jim Carrey or Mike Myers is more appropriate for a movie entitled ‘Man From Toronto,’” one person tweeted.

“Perfect opportunity to call it “Man Dem from Toronto “ squandered,” added another, joking about the popular slang word from the 6ix.

Given that Toronto has given rise to an abundance of talented Canadian celebrities including Drake, The Weeknd, Keanu Reeves, and Kiefer Sutherland, it’s interesting to see two Americans cast in the lead roles for this film.

According to Vital Thrills, the unofficial release date is November 20, 2020—just in time for America’s celebration of Thanksgiving.

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