Do you ever watch a trailer for a movie and know right away how cheesy it's going to be? That's what's been happening since the trailer for Merry Happy Whatever on Netflix Canada was released. However, we all know that cheesy, especially when it comes to Christmas themed content, isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

Merry Happy Whatever according to the trailer, starts off a lot like other Christmas movies we know. The Quinn family's youngest daughter returns home for the holidays with her new boyfriend. It channels some Meet The Parents vibes Christmas edition, especially when Emmy Quinn's boyfriend, Matt, realizes just how protective and family-oriented the Quinns are. 

Netflix's official synopsis for the series is, "A strong-willed patriarch must balance the demands of his complicated family with the stress of the Christmas season when his youngest daughter comes home for the holidays with a new boyfriend." 

The first-ever Netflix Christmas series stars Dennis Quaid, Bridget Mendler, Brent Morrin, Ashley Tisdale, Siobhan Murphy, Adam Rose, Hayes MacArthur, and Elizabeth Ho. 

While there has been some criticism for its cheesy trope, people on Twitter seem pretty excited about Netflix's newest adventure. Their excitement lets us know that this show is on its way to becoming one of Netflix's biggest Christmas released. Can it surpass A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

Underneath the trailer posted on Twitter a lot of fans like Fernando are, "so excited for this show!" 

People are even telling Tisdale they're counting down the days to the show's premiere, "counting the days to fall in love with Kayla, it's gonna be awesome, you're a star." 

Who wouldn't be excited about this show? We're getting Ashley Tisdale not only on network TV (Carol's Second Act) but on Netflix as well! 

Not to mention the show is starring not one Disney star but two, Tisdale and Mendler. It's ironic considering how close it's release is to the Disney+ streaming platform 

The 8 episode season of Merry Happy Whatever starts streaming on Netflix November 27.

If you love Netflix Canada's Christmas movies check out their 2019 Holiday lineup here. 

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