In its fierce battle to keep up with Disney+, Netflix has been putting out some incredible content lately. The month of November was filled with holiday fun and December is bringing plenty of action and adventure. From the looks of things, January will also be an awesome month, with shows like Messiah on Netflix Canada.

Earlier today, Netflix released a trailer for an upcoming series called Messiah, about a CIA detective named Eva Geller (played by Michelle Monaghan) who's become wrapped up in an investigation following a "miracle man".

This mysterious, long-haired stranger has managed to gather a cult-like following of people from all over the globe — starting to sound familiar?

The miracle man's followers flock to him loyally, some of them even going so far as to follow him into an active war zone in Syria, where he was allegedly "delivering a message" from his father.

When he is captured by the authorities, the miracle man is able to work some magic yet again, making himself disappear in front of his guard's very eyes.

It's hard to say what intent the mysterious and beautiful stranger has in working his miracles, but CIA agent Gellner vows that she's going to find out absolutely everything about him.

The trailer may have just come out today, but people are already raving about how amazing Messiah looks.

"As a Christian I'm actually excited about this," one person commented.

"Wow, this looks like it could have some serious potential," another viewer added.

Also coming to Netflix this January is the new RuPaul series AJ and the Queen, and season two of the hit teen dramedy, Sex Education.

If you're interested in Messiah, you can check out the trailer below before it hits Netflix on January 1.

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