As of late Netflix has been killing it with the new releases. Whether it's sci-fi, romantic comedies, horror, or thrillers, they have been able to deliver title after title that has left Netflix users dying for more. It seems the latest title to be set to hit the streaming platform though is going to be especially enticing for viewers. Considering it's about the infamous Fyre Festival. 

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If the name of the festival sounds familiar but you can't quite put your finger on why it's probably because the festival went viral back in 2017. At that point after tons of promotion that involved A-list celebrities and the promise of a stacked artist lineup for a luxury festival taking place in the Bahamas, festival goers found out the event was a complete and utter flop. 

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As a result of thousands of attendees dishing out as high as $250,000 USD per ticket, the main man behind it all, Billy McFarland was subject to several lawsuits and eventually a criminal investigation that resulted in a massive settlement.

While it blew up on social media and resulted in sites such as Twitter and Reddit overflowing with memes, jokes and information on the festival, there's much more to the story. The parts that haven't been seen by the public are what both Netflix and VICELAND have collaborated together to show, and it looks intense. 

The documentary, called "FYRE" is set to release on Netflix early next year and as part of a teaser, VICELAND released a clip to Twitter users earlier today: 

Fans were excited to hear that the controversial event was getting some coverage from the attendee's perspective. Considering most of the situation went down on Twitter, most people who weren't there really didn't get to understand the full scope of the situation. Now it seems Netflix wants to let users in on the whole situation as first-hand as they can possibly do with the new documentary.

Clearly, users are extremely excited to see it for themselves and thankfully streamers won't have to wait too long. The documentary is set to be released on Netflix on January 18th, so you'll be able to kick off a new year of streaming with a bang!

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