If you're a millennial in 2018, then you know that in recent years, there has been a major surge in these over the top, super cheesy Christmas movies. Not only are these movies super cringeworthy, but we also watch them over and over again each season and we have no idea why. 

It looks like Netflix has taken a note from Hallmark and created their own line of super cheesy Christmas movies to get Canadians excited about the festive season that's almost upon us. These movies always follow a similar theme: girl meets boy, she hates him, something miraculous happens, they fall in love and there's always some big obstacle that they have to overcome together - maybe she's a reporter and he's a prince?

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Last year, The Christmas Prince took the internet by storm. This over-the-top tale of a reporter who falls in love with a prince became a viral sensation. Even though it was totally cringey, people couldn't stop watching! It was definitely a movie that viewers loved to hate. 

So, you won't be disappointed to hear that Netflix has confirmed that we'll be getting three new Netflix Original Christmas movies this year. Oh, and we have the release dates too!

You guessed it, The Christmas Prince 2: The Royal Wedding is coming out soon. Yep, the first one was such a hit that Netflix decided they had to make a sequel. We couldn't get enough of Amber and Prince Richard. We need to see them again this fall and find out what happened after their happily ever after. The Christmas Prince 2 will be out on November 30th.

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In addition to The Christmas Prince 2, Netflix is also releasing The Holiday Calendar. This movie stars Vampire Diaries' Kat Graham. This movie follows a photographer who inherits an antique holiday advent calendar that seems to predict the future. Of course, this calendar is used as a device to help her find her love during the holiday season. The Holiday Calendar will be out on Netflix on November 2nd. 

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Lastly, the Princess Switch starring Vanessa Hudgens is sure to be a hit. You've definitely heard of this plotline before and it's not hard to guess what this movie is going to be about. One week before Christmas, the Duchess of Montenaro switches places with a regular girl from Chicago who looks just like her. The two switch places and ultimately fall in love with two men from completely different worlds than them. The Princess Switch will be out on November 16th. 

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