It's pretty undeniable that Netflix has been impressing us with so much new and original content lately, giving it a slight advantage to its competition. Just this week, we'll be getting a dozen brand new shows and movies to add to our already packed must-watch list. But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end and these Netflix Canada TV shows that will have their series finale next year might break your heart. 

BoJack Horseman

If you're a die-hard fan of this cartoon comedy, you're likely already bracing yourself for the end that's coming next month. The creators split up the sixth season into two parts and you already got the first half in November. The second part will premiere on Netflix on January 31, so as soon as you finish those episodes, it will be over forever. 

13 Reasons Why

Though the fourth season has no set air date yet, prepare yourself because it will be the last one. Only the first season followed the novel of the same name it's based on, and seeing that season three was basically a murder investigation, there's a lot to expect from the writers in the finale. 

Dear White People

This hilarious comedy will also be coming to an end after volume four, with no set release date yet. 


Another Netflix original ending after season four means you'll have no more Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin to practice your wrestling alongside. The third season brought tons of drama and excitement so there's a lot to look forward to in the final one which doesn't yet have a premiere date.

Anne with an E

The ending of Anne with an E certainly disappointed viewers who want it to come back but unfortunately, the news is true and season three will be the end. The last episode just aired in November and the entire final season will be added to Netflix on January 3, so as soon as you're done watching that, it's over forever. 


This teen drama aired its first season this past June and will be getting one more but that will be it's last. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show "will reach a natural conclusion", so you won't be left hanging.  


The very popular Lucifer will air its final fifth season in two parts next year. Each part will be eight episodes long and there's no set premiere date.

The Ranch

Ashton Kutcher will no longer bless your TV screens on his show, The Ranch. The first ten episodes of the final fourth season premiered in September and the second half will be next year will no exact date yet. 

Schitt's Creek

Though it's not exactly a Netflix show, many fans have fallen in love with the Rose family by binge-watching them on the streaming platform. Heartbroken viewers are already bracing themselves for the end, but in case you didn't know, January 7 is the premiere date for the first episode of the sixth and final season on CBC. The full season should be up on Netflix in the following months. 

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