If you're currently in Canada right now I'm sure just by looking out the window you'll instantly feel cold. The snow is blowing past our window panes and everyday it feels like -20 with the windchill.

This is definitely not the time to be spending all your days outside doing cute winter activities. No, this is the time to stay inside, cuddled up in a giant blanket with a mug full of hot chocolate binge watching the best TV series Netflix Canada has to offer.

The winter season was basically made for binge watching Netflix because who really wants to go out and freeze their butts off when they could be comfy and cozy indoors? No one, that's who!

Luckily, Netflix has so many amazing TV series available to us that were made for those of us who want to escape the cold winter chill and watch multiple episodes in a row until we pass out from both exhaustion and a food coma. In the next few pages I'll go through the best TV series on Netflix Canada that are perfect for binge watching this winter in genres like comedy, drama, romance, sci fi and documentaries!

Comedy TV Shows

Drama TV Shows

Romantic TV Shows

Sci Fi TV Shows

Documentary TV Shows

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Brooklyn Nine Nine

Andy Samberg created this hilarious cop show that's perfect for binge watching during the cold months of winter that we have ahead of us. There's a full 4 seasons available on Netflix Canada that will probably give you a good 2 weeks or so if you're hunkering down for a good comedy marathon.

The Office

I'm sure basically everyone reading this article has watched The Office series at least once. But it's one of those shows that's so easy to watch over and over because it's that hilarious and amazing. So if you haven't watched The Office in a while, this winter 2018 is the perfect time to start it up again.

Chewing Gum

If you're looking for a hilarious coming of age story that's super easy to watch this winter, it's Chewing Gum. You can laugh along as the main character, Tracey finds her way in the romantic world.


This wouldn't be a true binge watching TV shows list without Friends on it. This is one of those classic comedy series that you can watch over and over again or even just pick a few random episodes to watch whenever you want. It's funny, classic and doesn't take much concentration.

The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project is one of those shows that's just so ridiculous and funny you can't stop watching it once you've started. Netflix has 5 seasons available for streaming giving you tons of time to kick back and binge hard core on this comedy series.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

You know this show is going to be hilarious because the famous comedian, Tina Fey is the main writer for the show. It follows the hilarious life of Kimmy Schmidt after she's rescued from a cult and has to start her life over again.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is another one on this list that was made for binge watching. You can't go wrong with spending your winter watching this mother-daughter duo outwitting each other for hours on end! It's the perfect way to waste those cold winter evenings away. Just make sure you have loads of pizza, chocolate and coffee on hand.

Trailer Park Boys

If you're looking for a show that will make you laugh the winter away, this is it. You can follow the fuelled adventures and mishaps of these three petty criminals of their lives in a trailer park.

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This show recently came out on Netflix and it's already one of the best shows that they have. It's about a young boy with autism who's just trying to find his way in the world and live his life with his family. It's funny, exciting and super entertaining. Unfortunately, they only have 1 season so far but hopefully they'll be releasing another one soon.

Orange Is The New Black

This show has everything you could want: comedy, crime and drama all rolled into one. If you haven't watched this show yet this winter is the perfect opportunity for you to binge watch those cold days away by devouring all 5 seasons in a row!

Dear White People

This show is definitely one of my favourites on Netflix because it's not just you typical TV show. They brought a lot of unique elements to the show that kept it exciting. They already have 2 seasons released on Netflix but they have plans to release a 3rd one soon!

Mad Men

If you're looking for an award winning show with 7 whole seasons to binge this winter, Mad Men is the show for you. Travel back to the 60s in this show about one of NYC's top advertising companies and life of their executives, Don Draper.

The Good Wife

This is probably one of the best TV series on Netflix, in my humble opinion. It has everything from thrilling court room scenes, to witty remarks and betrayals, to romance and family struggles. It definitely won't fail to keep you entertained for a whole 7 seasons.


Shameless is one of those shows that you can watch for hours on end and never get bored. It's an action and drama packed show that follows the dysfunctional family of Gallaghers as they try to make it through each day.

How To Get Away With Murder

This show is action packed with drama, suspense and of course, murder. Who doesn't love a good murder mystery? Well this show takes the mystery out of it and shows you how these murderers have to cover their tracks so they don't get caught.


If the life of infamous drug lord, Pablo Escobar interests you in the slightest, Narcos is the TV show for you. This show chronicles the criminal exploits of Pablo Escobar and many other drug lords who controlled the country in the past.

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Love is one of those classic shows that you can't help but root for the main characters the entire time. It's a realistic look at how relationships and love really is these days. It's not easy and it takes time to really get to know another person on a deeper level. Unfortunately, there's only 2 seasons but a 3rd should be on the way soon!


This is a unique show created by Joe Swanberg that follows the lives of several different main characters. The first season was enthralling, I loved watching the stories of all these people in different forms of love. They recently released a second season which was just as interesting and unique as the first. It's the perfect binge watching show for those cold nights in.

The Vampire Diaries

Who doesn't love romance mixed with vampires? Sure, this show is a little bit silly but it actually has tons of drama and lots of classic love stories mixed in there. It's a great show to mindlessly binge watch this winter season.


This is probably one of the best British shows available on Netflix right now. It's follows the life of Dylan who finds out he has the STI Chlamydia and has to contact all of his previous partners to tell them to get tested too. It's funny, entertaining and has a present day unrequited love story mixed in their too!

Grey's Anatomy

I'm sure basically everyone reading this article has watched Grey's Anatomy, but it's one of those shows that you need to watch more than once. It's got exciting surgical procedures and of course lots of love stories mixed in as well.


Another amazing British show on Netflix is Skins. It follows the lives of multiple groups of dysfunctional teenagers as they deal with relationships, drugs, sex and family problems. It may not necessarily be romantic but it does have it's moments.

She's Gotta Have It

This show was just released on Netflix and it's probably one of the best new shows to binge watch. It's based of the 60s movie with the same title that follows Nola Darling and her 3 love interests. It tackles political issue while focusing on her romantic life at the same time.

Master Of None

Master Of None is actually a comedy because it was created by the hilarious comedian, Aziz Ansari. But it also tackles the struggles of dating in the modern world we live in today, but with a funny twist that's oh so relatable. It's one of those shows that is definitely binge worthy for the winter season.

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Stranger Things

This wouldn't be a sci fi TV show list without Stranger Things at the top. Now that released their much anticipated 2nd season last month, it's the perfect time to have a reboot of the entire show. Watch all 2 seasons in a row and get pumped for a 3rd season to be dropped next.

The OA

When an adopted blind girl goes missing for several years and then returns with her sight back everyone thinks it's a miracle. But we slowly realize that there's something darker and more dangerous going on. It's both a creepy and exciting show.


This new series that Netflix just released is already killing it in views right now. This show is set in a German town that follows the story of a family but with a supernatural twist. A lot of people say it's similar to It because the show starts with the disappearance of two young kids in town. You'll have to watch and find out if the rest is similar too!

The 100

This show is set 97 years into the future after a nuclear war wiped out civilization as we know it. A spaceship with 100 juvenile delinquents is sent back to possibly repopulate Earth.


If you're all about ghosts, demons and supernatural creatures that hide in the shadows then this show is perfect for you. It follows two brothers who know the truth about about what lurks in the dark and it's their job to protect those who don't from them.


This show takes place in a dystopian world where one side lives in devastation while the others live on a paradise island. People are given the chance to get to that paradise island but only 3% can actually succeed.

The Walking Dead

I'm sure everyone here knows about The Walking Dead because it's such a hugely popular and successful show. It's the best zombie apocalypse show available on Netflix so why not spend your evenings watching a scary post-apocalypse world overrun by zombies?


When 8 people from around the world discover that they're all linked mentally, they suddenly have to fear for their lives. Unfortunately, Netflix cut this show off after just 2 seasons but it's still a great one to binge watch if you're looking for something exciting and entertaining to fill your days.

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Planet Earth

The planet that we live on is truly magnificent but it's sometimes easy to forget that. That's why the series Planet Earth is so important to watch. This nature documentary will transport you across the planet to see some of the most breathtaking scenes and animal interactions that most people will never get the chance to experience first-hand.

Chef's Table

There are some seriously impressive culinary minds around the world that are creating genius gourmet dishes. This docuseries takes you into the kitchens of these chefs to see how they actually create some of the best food in the world.

My Beautiful Broken Brain

At age 34 a woman suffers from a massive stroke that causes a lot of neurological problems. She documents her experience as she has to relearn to speak, read, write and do other everyday tasks. It explores the fragility and mystery that is the human brain.


This docuseries is truly heartbreaking for anyone, even if you don't have an opinion on wild animals living in captivity. It shows the realities of keeping killer whales in captivity and it's changed the opinions of millions which actually lead to SeaWorld putting an end to their breading program. But this documentary series isn't for the faint of heart.

She's Beautiful When She's Angry

If you're interested in learning about how women have gotten to the place they are today, this documentary series is the right series for you. It shows true history of the brilliant and courageous women who started the women's movement from 1966-1971.

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

A filmmaker sheds light on the truth behind the animal farming industry and what our future could be if we continue on the way we're going right now. There are secrets that this industry is hiding about how much it takes to sustain this much livestock and how this might affect our planet down the road.

The Hunting Ground

This documentary sounds like the title of a horror movie and for women on university campuses across the world it actually is. If you've heard about the Brock Turner case or any other case of sexual assault that wasn't brought to justice, you'll feel just as much anger and outrage by watching this documentary that sheds a harsh light on sexual assaults taking place on campuses.

Hot Girls Wanted

This documentary produced by the famous comedian, Rashida Jones, looks into the lives of normal girls trying to better their lives by starring in porn films. They recently released a follow up series to this show called Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On so you'll have multiple seasons of this interesting look into the sex trade.

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