As we all know, 13 Reasons Why isn't a light show that you would watch to get some comedic relief. It's a teen mystery drama that talks about a lot of heavy issues that young people are dealing with every single day, and since the first season got everyone talking and opening up about their issues, it's not surprise that it would be back for a second season. 

Even though the show is helpful for those struggling with similar issues as shown in the show, it is still super heavy and parents let Netflix know in a study that they wished Netflix advertised more additional resources for these issues. Parents weren't the only ones concerned about the dark and realistic theme of the show. 13 Reasons Why came under fire last year from a lot of people on social media, with people thinking they glamourized suicide. Because of that, Netflix has announced that they are adding additional additional elements to the show, including an automatic warning video at the start of each season. 

The show wanted to make sure that the viewers felt comfortable watching the seasons, as the second season is supposed to be way darker and intense. In addition to the warning video, they have also put together a discussion guide in which you can learn about from the cast in the video above. The discussion guide can be found at and includes many resources, such as info from mental health experts, numbers and websites for crisis-prevention centres and help lines. 

Netflix wants to make sure that this season comes with less negativity, as the show is supposed to bring awareness and not glamourize these topics that young people deal with daily. The date of the second season has yet to be released, but it is expected to be on Netflix in May 2018. For more information on this matter, you can check out this press release Netflix released on March 21st, which is called A Conversation About 13 Reasons Why. 

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