Netflix's latest holiday flick is one you have to watch - not because it's good, but because it's so incredibly bad that you can't help but keep watching.  The movie has been called everything from "trash" to "good dumb fun" by major publications, and overwhelming numbers of people on Twitter either ripped it to pieces or were a mixed bag of emotions over it:

It seems the "it's so bad that's it's so good" rationale becomes even more valid during the holidays, when people are usually in a more forgiving mood. In fact, 53 people have watched it every day for the past 18 days, according to Netflix.

Netflix got so worried over those numbers (in a joking sense) that it even went as far as to call those viewers out in a tweet and check on their well-being:

Naturally, a people were creeped out that Netflix was keeping track of everyone's viewing habits. Who knew Netflix, which services over 109 million people worldwide, was capable of pulling some Big Brother shit too?

Essentially, the company was using collected data which should have been used to improve their services to mock people instead, and people were not having it:

Netflix defended itself, with a statement about the importance of viewer privacy:

“The privacy of our members’ viewing is important to us. This information represents overall viewing trends, not the personal viewing information of specific, identified individuals.”

Okay, Netflix. Cool story bro. But you still haven't apologized for binge-shaming people.

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