We're always on the hunt for our next Netflix binge, so when we saw Netflix ordered a series based on this seriously gripping book, we could hardly contain our excitement. The streaming service announced it struck a deal for eight episodes based on the Karin Slaughter novel Pieces of Her. If you're like me and people discovering the secrets of their childhood is one of your fave genres, then this show is totally for you. 

My fellow bookworms know Karin Slaughter is the Queen of Suspense. She's a wildly popular writer with her work translated into 37 languages and more than 35 million copies sold worldwide. Slaughter's Pretty Girls sufficiently freaked me TF out. I fully expect much of the same from Pieces of Her

In Pieces of Her, someone attacks Andrea while she is out shopping. Her mom, Laura, steps in to help, tapping into a side of herself her daughter has never seen before. It's like she's an entirely different person.

Then, less than 24 hours later, someone shoots Laura. A person who'd spent decades trying to catch up with Andrea's mother is finally able to after the local news hails her as a hero. Why would someone want her mother dead? Stunned and confused, Andrea sets out to learn the truth about who her mother really is. 

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No word yet on when production will start, but there is a seriously talented woman at the helm of this project. Charlotte Stoudt, whose resume includes Homeland and House of Cards, will serve as writer, executive producer, and showrunner. Based on her past work, Stoudt knows a thing or two about keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Bring on the suspense.  

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