Remember those choose-your-own-adventure stories you used to get as a kid? Netflix is bringing them to our screens, and they sound like a lot of fun.

The streaming site will produce interactive shows for adults, according to Bloomberg, allowing viewers to pick which storyline to follow, and go back to watch the same show again with a different result.

The announcement comes after Netflix premiered Puss in Book: Trapped In An Epic Tale, an animated children's series that allowed viewers to make decisions about where the story would go and how it would end. And apparently the show went down so well with the kids that grown ups want in on it too.

But it remains to be seen how well choose-your-own-ending television will translate to adult viewers. While interactive TV shows have been around for years, they have yet to catch on with a large audience.

Imagine watching Stranger Things and getting to choose whether or not Barb survives. Or watching Narcos and choosing an alternative ending where Pablo Escobar doesn't get shot and dies. Of course, that wouldn't be true to history, but you get the point.

Netflix's current choose-your-own-adventure offerings can only be used on certain platforms like smart TVs and iOS devices. Unfortunately for online or Apple TV watching viewers - you'll have to wait and see if you're offered the feature. So far, there hasn't been any official information on planned plots or premiere dates.

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