Netflix has come out with yet another Christmas movie, and based on the trailer alone, we can expect it to bring the same amount of cheesy holiday goodness as A Christmas Prince.

The movie, titled Christmas Inheritancefollows the story of Ellen (played by The 100 star Eliza Taylor), a spoiled daughter of a wealthy businessman who is in line to inherit his company. She is sent back to her hometown of - wait for it - Snow Falls in the hopes that she can shake off her party girl lifestyle and learn the value of hard work and humility. And of course, while all of this is happening, she gets caught in a love triangle, which is another weight on her shoulders she will have to deal with.

via @hedakomtricru

Despite how predictable the movie sounds, it will probably still win people over, just like A Christmas Prince did. It's been called everything from "trash" to "the worst Christmas ever made", but that might be why people are so interested in it. It's just so bad, that it's so good.

Cheesy holiday movies have a special place in people's hearts - it just wouldn't be Christmas without them. Perhaps everyone's just more forgiving during the holidays, because it seems that no amount of poor acting, terrible plot lines and washed out clichés can ruin their festive moods.

So cancel your plans this weekend and get over A Christmas Prince quick. There's a new good/bad Christmas movie in town.

Watch the full movie on Netflix here.

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