Out with the old, in with the new! The Netflix July 2020 lineup was recently released by the streaming service, and you'll be happy to know that tons of exciting titles are making their way onto the platform next month. From terrifying true crime to hilarious and heartwarming romantic comedies, there's something for every person to enjoy.

Netflix has been hard at work making sure that subscribers have a summer full of the latest and greatest content. From releasing almost the entire Fast & Furious franchise to giving you the horror night you've been craving with Paranormal Activity, the latest titles don't disappoint.

The next time you're ready for a day of binge-watching new shows and movies, you can skip the scrolling and head straight for the newest titles that you're bound to enjoy!

Say I Do

Release date: Wednesday, July 1

A trio of experts team up to help normal couples put together their dream wedding in just a few short days.

Unsolved Mysteries

Release date: Wednesday, July 1

Unsolved Mysteries is back! Listen in as people from all over the world recount their experiences with the unthinkable, all in hopes that a viewer out there may have much-needed answers for them.

Warrior Nun

Release date: Thursday, July 2

An orphaned teen uncovers her superpowers after being abandoned in a morgue, where she also learns that she's the halo-bearer for a sect of demon-hunting nuns.

The Baby-Sitters Club

Release date: Friday, July 3

Based on the best selling book series, The Baby-Sitters Club follows the adventures of five young best friends as they start their own babysitting business.


Release date: Friday, July 3

A woman and her two best friends find themselves on a trip to Mexico as they race against the clock to delete a risky e-mail one of them sent to her new boyfriend.


Release date: Wednesday, July 8

When they all find themselves at an Australian immigration detention centre, a struggling father, a bureaucrat, a troubled woman, and an anguished refugee suddenly find their lives intertwined.

Was It Love?

Release date: Wednesday, July 8

A single mother who's been out of the dating game for years finds her life totally changed when four different men catch her eye.

Down to Earth with Zac Efron

Release date: Friday, July 10

Follow Zac Efron as he travels around the globe with wellness expert Darin Olien in search of more healthy, sustainable ways to live.

The Old Guard

Release date: Friday, July 10

Charlize Theron plays Andy, a warrior who leads a group of immortal mercenaries. When their lives are threatened, Andy and a new recruit must team up to save them.

The Twelve

Release date: Friday, July 10

When a headmistress is accused of two murders, a group of 12 everyday citizens must form a jury, deciding the fate of the alleged killer.

Dark Desire

Release date: Wednesday, July 15

When she spends a weekend away from home, Alma, a married woman, finds herself in a passionate relationship with another man, leaving her to question her life back home.

Skin Decision: Before and After

Release date: Wednesday, July 15

Dr. Sheila Nazarian and skin-care expert Nurse Jamie transform clients with the latest and greatest procedures to help them feel like their best selves.

Fatal Affair

Release date: Thursday, July 16

After a brief encounter with an old friend, Ellie has to mend her marriage to Marcus. Unfortunately for the couple, this old friend isn't mentally stable and causes serious issues.

Indian Matchmaking

Release date: Thursday, July 16

Step into the world of Sima Taparia as she guides her clients in the art of arranged marriages across continents.


Release date: Friday, July 17

In Cursed, a young woman with a mysterious gift is destined to become the Lady of the Lake. As she sets out on a journey, she teams up with unlikely partners and takes down many enemies.

Love on the Spectrum

Release date: Wednesday, July 22

Follow a group of young adults on the autism spectrum as they try to navigate the ever-complicated world of dating.

The Kissing Booth 2

Release date: Friday, July 24

As Elle's boyfriend heads off to college, she's left behind to face her senior year of high school, post-secondary education, and the temptation of a cute new classmate.

Last Chance U: Laney

Release date: Tuesday, July 28

Season five of Last Chance U takes viewers to Oakland's Laney College, where the Eagles have a lot to prove if they want to maintain their reputation as champions.

Get Even

Release date: Friday, July 31

Four enemies find themselves coming together to take down their bullies. Their plan works perfectly — until they get blamed for a crime they didn't commit, that is.

Seriously Single

Release date: Friday, July 31

A romantic comedy that follows two best friends whose take on the dating world couldn't be more different. As they experience heartbreak and the ups and downs of love, they've always got one another's back.

The Umbrella Academy (Season 2)

Release date: Friday, July 31

The Hargreeves siblings are back and better than ever as they travel back in time to Dallas, Texas. With the fate of the world sitting on their shoulders, they'll have to work quickly to restore balance.

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