If Black Mirror is known for anything, it would have to be those infamous curve balls they constantly throw at their audience. People love the show because it's constantly pushing boundaries and causing us to question the way we think about things and see the world around us.

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The most recent curveball Black Mirror has thrown our way would be none other than Bandersnatch, the interactive movie that lets fans choose their own destiny. It has several different endings that, by now, most of us have already figured out.

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After weeks of constantly hearing about it, we finally thought that the Bandersnatch hype had died down. It's never REALLY over, so long as its about Black Mirror though. Just yesterday, the Netflix UK & Ireland Twitter account posted about an alternate ending that most people might not even have thought of.

There are spoilers ahead, so if you don't want us to ruin Bandersnatch for you, stop reading here and go try it for yourself. 

Picking up the photo twice will lead you to the Jerome F. Davies ending. This secret ending features a cameo from the Bandersnatch author, who comes to Stefan in a dream, urging him to retread and pick up the book, taking viewers back to the stories' main path.

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If this news isn't enough for you, there's also apparently a scene in the movie that's inaccessible to literally EVERYONE. Just when you thought you could move on with your life, Bandersnatch pulls you back in again. Let's hope you make the right choices this time!

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