Netflix, chill, and social distancing! With these apps like Netflix Party, you and your friends can keep your safe distance while still having fun. You can stream movies, watch YouTube videos, or even play video games from afar. 

For the next few weeks, people around the world will be practicing safe distance from others in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19. 

You're bound to get bored and probably a little lonely, but rest assured you can still spend some quality time with friends even if it's not face-to-face. Our generation is certainly experienced in online interaction!

Netflix Party is an awesome add-on for Google Chrome that lets you and your friends sync up shows and movies and even chat while they're playing. It's the perfect way to watch in tandem and help with that loneliness.

Here are seven similar options to keep you and your friends entertained. Just remember to wash your hands before digging into that popcorn.  


Now is your time to shine, Bitmoji lovers. Scener can be downloaded on Google Chrome and lets you watch your favourite Netflix shows and movies with your best pals. The Scener website writes that you can discover new content, see who's online, and watch while chatting with friends.

Plus, using Bitmojis you can "See who else is watching in a game-like, interactive digital viewing experience that feels like you’re in a fun movie theatre full of friends."

Disney Plus Party

This one will cost you a bit of out-of-pocket money. For $2.99 on the Google Chrome web store, you and your friends can watch your favourite throwback movies on Disney+. The steps are pretty simple. Download the app, launch it using the icon on your address bar, create a party, and share your code.


If you run out of Netflix content to stream, there are tons of other things the internet beholds. With Watch2Gether you can share content on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or SoundCloud, shop on Amazon, or even video chat. 

You can either download the extension from the Google Chrome store or go directly to the official website. With over 400,000 users, it's completely free and just three steps. Create a room, share the link, and "watch together".

YouTube Party

The party continues on YouTube. Over 5,000 people use YouTube Party on Google Chrome which lets you and your friends sync videos together for your enjoyment.


Here's your mobile option! Rave can be downloaded on iOS and Android and the official website states that you can "Text or chat by voice while enjoying content from YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Reddit, Google Drive, and more!"

Even better, you can "Watch with your friends or join public raves and meet people from around the world." Plus there's a DJ feature where you can mash up two songs and literally have a rave with your friends.


Video game lovers rejoice! What better way to kill time while social distancing than by beating your BFFs in your favourite games. Parsec can be downloaded on your computer and used for a variety of features including video games, watching videos together, listening to music, and even video editing. The official website writes that it has "60 FPS interactive game streaming that gives everyone a chance to play."


The options are almost endless with Kast. The website notes that you can play games, video chat, and stream content from almost any platform with over 100 friends. It is free but there's a premium option available "for a low monthly fee" if you want the best experience. It's the perfect way to be alone but together with your best friends. 

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