Just when you thought all the Bird Box hype was over, a new story about everyone's favourite movie comes out. As it turns out, Netflix's Bird Box was supposed to have a totally different ending than the happy one we've all seen, and it's seriously disturbing.

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If you've seen the film, you might know that it was adapted from a book by Josh Malerman. When making their way to the big screen, many films try to stay as true as they can to their original forms, but sometimes, it's not entirely possible to make everything work. 

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Sometimes, some scenes can't be recreated well enough for the film, or they may simply just be too disturbing for audiences to enjoy comfortably. In the case of Bird Box, the latter is true.

If you haven't read the book yet, and don't want the ending spoiled for you, then I suggest you stop here and go pick it up. If you don't mind the spoilers though, feel free to keep reading on!

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At the end of the book, when Malorie, Boy, and Girl make it to the safe community and can remove their blindfolds, they come face to face with several people who were living with their eyes gouged out in order to beat the demons and live without blindfolds.

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Imagine seeing that during your next Netflix n' Chill sesh - definitely kills the vibe. Whatever the reason was for ending the film differently, we certainly support it, because it saved us a lot of squeamishness.

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