Attention investigative TV lovers! Whether you find it hard to get invested in a long docuseries or want a quick watch before heading out, Netflix's documentary shorts are perfect to get your fill of real-life stories in less than an hour. You can also look forward to some new films being added to the platform this summer.

The streaming service offers hundreds of enticing documentaries, and have really nailed true crime stories.

If a two-hour-long movie or multiple-part series is too long for you, then you definitely have to check out the Original Documentary Shorts category on Netflix.

Right now, there are 23 films that are as short as 11 minutes and go up to 40 minutes long. That's a quick watch! 

The titles that run at less than half an hour include Ghosts of Sugar Land, Resurface, Period. End Of Sentence., Extremis, Lorena Light-Footed Woman, Little Miss Sumo, A Tale of Two Kitchens, and The Trader.

If you've got a bit more time, you can stream titles that run up to 40 minutes including Long Shot, Heroin(e), End Game, All in my Family, Birders, After Maria, Ladies First, and The White Helmets.

The shorts explore genres such as true crime, investigative, dark, provocative, inspiring, emotional, and understated. 

They're great if you want to discover a variety of different stories and you could totally binge-watch a bunch of them in one weekend.

Plus, Netflix's Media Center recently announced that three new shorts are coming to the streaming service this summer.

The Claudia Kishi Club arrives on July 10 and includes "nostalgic readings, personal recollections, and DIY-style stop motion collages" to explore "the importance of representation in media," per Netflix.

On July 29, you can look forward to The Speed Cubers which follows a highly autistic boy named Max and his family who "use speed cubing as a means of therapy for his nascent social skills and emotional development."

John Was Trying to Contact Aliens drops on August 20 and follows John Shepherd's life mission to make contact with extraterrestrial creatures. 

Feeling in the mood to get invested in a series? Check out these documentaries on Netflix that will shock you to your core. 

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