Netflix has been on a crime-thriller rage these past couple of months and fans are starting to notice it may not be a good thing. While shows like You have been a hit, Netflix's most recent release, Secret Obsession, has just been collecting bad reviews since it premiered last week. Now fans are complaining Netflix's Secret Obsession has so many unanswered questions

If you haven't watched Secret Obsession, it stars Brenda Song and follows a recently married Jennifer who is rushed to the hospital after being attacked. She wakes up with amnesia and to a life and a husband she doesn't remember. If you want to spare yourself the torture of sitting through almost 2 hours of plot holes just watch the trailer Netflix released, it gives away the whole movie. 

People were originally excited for the movie when Netflix announced it's arrival but the actual movie failed to live up to the hype. For those who HAVE watched the movie, you're probably questioning a lot of plot points, and a lot of character's motives. Just know you're not alone. 

A lot of viewers are still wondering who the bearded man was in the movie. He pops up every so often throughout the film in dark clothes while creepy music plays in the background. If we were supposed to be thrown off by him in our attempts at guessing Jennifer's attacker, it definitely did not work.

People are also wondering what the detective's daughter's death had to do with anything. The beginning of the movie shows the police detective (Denis Haysbert) placing a wrapped gift in a closet full of other unopened presents in honor of his late daughter's birthday. It was assumed that his daughter's death would be a motive in saving Jennifer, but it's never touched upon again. 

Secret Obsession was definitely a miss for Netflix. I think we can all agree that if they want to keep feeding us the crime-thriller genre, they're going to have to step up their game. 

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