Love is still in the air! Netflix's Too Hot To Handle couples all have pretty different love stories, and it seems that only one pair of hotties that fell for each other on the show are still a fiery item. But an unexpected pairing came only after the cameras were off! 

The reality dating series can be compared to a mix of Love Island and Love is Blind and is the perfect binge-watch for light-hearted fun.

A wild twist states that contestants can't participate in any sexual acts or the $100,000 grand prize will take a hit for everyone, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Many rooted for Canadian Francesca Farago who developed an instant romance with Harry Jowsey, and there's good news in store for devoted fans.

The series started with 10 contestants and then introduced four more in order to create more matches. After four were eliminated, 10 came out victorious with many hoping to stay together after the show's end. 

Here's where four couples that came out of Too Hot To Handle are now.

Francesca Farago & Harry Jowsey 

The Vancouver-based model and Australian hottie are still an item. Just last week, they shared an Instagram photo announcing their relationship is still going strong. Earlier this week, they started a YouTube channel so fans can keep up with their bustling lives. 

On their social media accounts, you can find snaps of them on cute dates around B.C., California, and Queensland.

Rhonda Paul & Sharron Townsend

During the show, the mother of one introduced Townsend to her son over FaceTime, with the hopes that they would stay together and work on their relationship afterwards. However, Atlanta-based Paul and Jersey's Townsend are still in touch, but not in a relationship, per New York Post.

Nicole O'Brien & Bryce Hirschberg

Though they didn't connect during filming, the Irish babe and American film director hit it off once the cameras were gone. According to O, The Oprah Magazine, O'Brien and Hirschberg and have been in a long-distance relationship since April 2019. 

"I booked to go see him in June and July. I don't know if that’s going to happen now," O'Brien told the magazine. "We FaceTime all the time, it's the way to keep in contact."

Lydia Clyma & David Birtwistle 

Clyma joined the cast in episode six, much to Birtwistle's enjoyment since he seemed to strike out with the other ladies. The pair of Brits seemed to hit it off, though they didn't have much time to develop a relationship before the end of the series.

He shared on Instagram whats he's looking for in his next girlfriend, showing that he and Clyma aren't together anymore. 

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