If you're like the majority of us, and love yourself a good Netflix binge, odds are good you've already made your way through the Netflix Original series YOU. So many of my friends spent their Christmas breaks watching every episode, and feeling simultaneously repulsed by and attracted to the main character, Joe. After hearing feedback from audiences, YOU star Penn Badgley is urging fans not to romanticize his character in the show.

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If you've seen Gossip Girlthen you'd know that Badgley's character in YOU is very similar to that of his past role, Dan Humphrey. Joe looks like your average all-American boy next door (I mean... He owns a book store. How harmful could he be?!), but when he finds himself in love, he becomes so much more than that.

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Honestly, Joe is straight up creepy. He becomes an obsessive stalker of Beck, his new love interest, and does everything he can to make sure that he's conveniently always right where she is, watching her every move. If this happened to any of us in real life, we'd be calling the police and filing a restraining order. Since it's happening on TV though, we're strangely intrigued by Joe's erratic behaviour.

Badgely has had enough though, and he's taken to Twitter to reply to several tweets, urging people that Joe should not be romanticized, he should be feared. His behaviour is completely inappropriate, and it's not the kind of thing that women should be aspiring to in their relationships.

So there you have it! If you find yourself becoming obsessed with Joe while watching YOU, be sure to remind yourself that he's actually just like those creepy guys you've been avoiding irl - no need to romanticize serial killers.

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