New month, new content! These new arrivals on Netflix and Amazon Prime are exactly what you need during your weekend indoors. The first season of brand new shows will keep you hooked for hours and the stand-up comedy specials will give you a hearty giggle. 

Netflix always comes through with dozens of fresh shows and movies on the first day of every month, and the first of May has tons in store.

Once you're done cruising through the new dramas, comedies, and chilling thrillers, there are loads of throwback movies for you to enjoy. That includes Back to the Future, Bad Boys, Happy Feet, Rambo, and Dante's Peak. 

Ryan Reynolds fans can rejoice because Deadpool 2 was also added to Netflix today, and Modern Family lovers can rewatch 8 seasons of the beloved comedy that just hit the platform.

Amazon Prime's most looked forward to content is coming later this month and includes Honeyboy, The Great, and Homecoming season 2. 

While you wait for your most anticipated series to drop, check out these 9 fresh arrivals on Netflix and Amazon Prime.


All Day and a Night

Rating: 89% on Google

This two-hour long crime drama follows a young boy serving life in the same prison as his father that's forced to reflect on his past and the circumstances that got him to where he is.

The Half Of It

Rating: 94% on Google

Follow teenage Ellie Chu who has a business of writing other students' essays for money. One peer's request takes a turn when he enlists her to write a love letter to his crush, but the only problem is it's the same girl Ellie has her eyes on too. 

Hollywood (Season 1)

Rating: 92% on Google 

With a star-studded cast and Canadian Paul Black, this drama series is about actors and filmmakers living in the post World War II era who will stop at nothing to achieve their big dreams to make it to Hollywood. 

Into the Night (Season 1)

Rating: 92% on Google

Go for a terrifying ride with this sci-fi thriller series about a group of passengers on a plane who must direct themselves to safety when the sun starts destroying everything in its way.

Mrs. Serial Killer 

Rating: 65% on Google

Coming from Netflix India, this chilling thriller follows a woman whose doctor husband gets charged for a string of murders. In an attempt to prove his innocence, she goes on the exact same serial killing rampage. 


Upload (Season 1)

Rating: 92% on Google 

With similar vibes to The Good Place, this brand sci-fi series that's set in the future stars Canadian Robbie Amell. He plays a man that gets to choose his entire afterlife in a virtual reality universe following a near-death experience.


Rating: 78% on Google

This 2019 comedy flick has a star-studded cast who play strippers at a top night club where high profile Wall Street investors often frequent. Their money earning scheme goes awry when the economic collapse cuts into their profits. 

Lano & Woodley: Fly 

Rating: N/A

Hilarious Australian duo Colin Lane and Frank Woodley take the stage for a TV special featuring on-stage comedic performances that will have you giggling for days. 

Tom Walker: Very Very 

Rating: N/A

In need of a belly laugh? Tom Walker's stand up comedy performance takes a unique miming twist that will remind you of the beloved Mr. Bean and give you the perfect dose of cheer up laughter. 

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