Anyone who was waiting on news from Nickelback got a fresh morsel today, as the band started trending on Twitter after posting a vague announcement about something coming this Friday.

The group shared a message on their feed reading "FRIDAY 8/14," accompanied by an image of the band's name on a red background.

There was no further indication if this meant a new album or the announcement of a different project, but if people had started to forget about the Canadian band, this is how you remind them that they're still going.

Fans probably had an idea that someday, somehow, there would be new material from Nickelback, and then they look at this photograph, and now they all probably feel like rockstars.

It's too bad that there isn't more information, but devotees to Chad Kroeger will never again have to wonder if he and the rest of the band's members had decided to stop after 2017's Feed The Machine.

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