Your favourite fictional places brought to life! Ontario filming locations are spread out all across the province. That means you can plan an epic road trip with your BFFs that includes stops at some of the coolest movie and TV show hotspots. 

While you might have to work around the country's weather (Canada, eh?), this map can take you from the rundown corners of Schitt's Creek all the way to Regina George's Bridle Path mansion. 

If you ever find yourself in Ontario, this road trip could keep you entertained for days.

Not to worry, if you need to make a pit stop, you can always pull over at the in real-life Kim's Convenience. 

Stop 1: Schitt’s Creek

Location: Orangeville
What: Rosebud Motel

The Rosebud Motel wasn’t just a fictional television set, it’s exterior was filmed at a real motel in Orangeville, Ontario. Although abandoned, set designers transformed the outside of the run-down building into the heart of the show.

Location: Goodwood
What: Schitt’s Creek town

This quaint Ontario town was turned into a hotspot for tourists when filming for Schitt’s Creek began back in 2015. Locations like the Rose Apothecary, Cafe Tropical, Bob’s Garage, and the Town Hall were all filmed just steps away from one another.

Stop 2: Hairspray

Location: Gale's Snack Bar
What: Hardy Har Hut & Turnblad’s apartment

If you were obsessed with Zac Efron in the 2007 remake of Hairspray, Toronto is where you’ll be able to see some of the movie’s hotspots. That includes Tracy Turnblad’s home and her father’s joke shop.

According to Movie-Locations, it’s located in the downtown core and is actually Gale's Snack Bar.

Location: Starbucks
What: Mr. Pinky’s Hefty Hideaway

Tracy Turnblad and her mother took a trip to Mr. Pinky’s Hefty Hideaway for their epic transformations. However, in real life, customers visit the location for their morning coffee. On Google maps, 2201 Dundas Street West is actually a Starbucks!

Location: Lord Lansdowne Public School
What: Patterson Park High School

Patterson Park High School’s detention room showed how lively the fictional Baltimore school was. While the location used in Toronto was also a school, the students look quite different. Not only is Lord Lansdowne Public School an all-French school but it only teaches Kindergarten to Grade 6.

Stop 3: Mean Girls

Location: University of Toronto’s Convocation Hall
What: Mathlete Competition Venue

The University of Toronto offered up this historic building for this scene. Convocation Hall acted as the location where Cady and her fellow mathletes competed against Marymount Prep.

Location: 11 High Point Road
What: Regina George’s Mansion

Not only is this mansion located in the prestigious Bridle Path community of Toronto, but it’s right around the corner from where the 6ix’s very own Drake currently lives.

Stop 4: Kim’s Convenience

Location: Kim's Convenience
What: Kim’s Convenience

Surprise! Kim's Convenience exists in real life. It was once called Mimi Variety, but The Star says the owners had no problem changing the name.  

Although interior shots of Kim's Convenience are filmed in-studio, the store is still open to the general public. 

Location: Toronto Vietnamese Victory Church
What: Kim Jong-Mi’s Church

Movie Maps has this North York church listed as being used in multiple episodes. Episodes 8, 9, and 13 of season one and episode 7 from season 2 were apparently shot here. 

Stop 5: The Umbrella Academy

Location: Elgin Theatre
What: Vanya's Violin Stage

Toronto's Elgin Theatre is seen both at the beginning and end of season 1. According to Movie Maps, it's used as the stage for Vanya's violin audition and for Vanya's grand performance, just minutes before the earth-shattering showdown. 

Location: Allan Gardens 
What: Luther & Allison's dance scene

Movie Maps also reports that the Allan Gardens in Toronto was transformed into a beautiful light garden for Luther and Allison's romantic dance scene. 

Stop 6: It

Location: West Montrose Covered Bridge
What: The Kissing Bridge 

Curiocity reports that the film's Kissing Bridge is actually Ontario's last covered bridge. It was used to film Ben's bullying scene and can also be seen in the last minutes of the film. 

Location: Port Hope Town Hall 
What: Derry Public Library 

How can anyone forget the eerie library scene featuring Pennywise himself? This haunting scene was actually filmed at Port Hope's Town Hall.  

Location: Elora Quarry
What: Loser's Club Hangout

The Loser's Club cliff jumping escapade is what bonds the team before they risk their lives to save their hometown. This quarry is also located in Ontario in a town called Wellington. 

Stop 7: The Handmaid’s Tale

Location: Grand Durand
What: Waterford House

Waterford House scenes were shot at this Hamilton mansion per Movie Maps. It was heavily featured in the shows first season.

Location: 25 Park Lane Circle 
What: Putnam residence 

Located in Toronto's Bridle Path neighbourhood, Movie Maps reports that the Putnam residence was filmed at 25 Park Lane Circle. 

Location: Cambridge City Hall
What: Trial House 

Movie Maps says this Ontario city offered their City Hall up as the Trial House where Emily and her lover were tried for their affair. 

Stop 8: Room

Location: Bridge Point Hospital 
What: Hospital 

After Ma and Jack are rescued, they're taken to a hospital with one heck of a view. These scenes were shot at Toronto's Bridge Point Hospital according to Torontoist

Location: Apache Burgers
What: Apache Burgers

In a montage of life after being captive, we see Ma and Jack grabbing a bite at Etobicoke's Apache Burgers. 

Location: Nathan Philips Square
What: Skating Rink 

Also part of their happily ever after montage is a scene where they're skating. The Torontoist claims this was filmed at Toronto's Nathan Philipps Square, just steps away from Toronto's City Hall. 

Stop 9: The Vow 

Location: Toronto City Hall
First Meeting

If you want to relive this iconic love story, you can visit the site of Leo and Paige's first meeting. According to IMDb, this took place at Toronto's City Hall. 

Location: University of Toronto
Northwestern University

IMDb also has the University of Toronto campus as the location used to film scenes that took place at the movie's fictional Northwestern University. 

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