All great things must come to an end and that includes some of our favourite TV shows. The latest one on the chopping block is one of the original Netflix originals, "Orange Is The New Black."

That's right, our time with the ladies of Litchfield is coming to end after the seventh season, as the cast announced in a heartfelt video. 

Even though the cast is emotional in their goodbyes, Canadians don't seem to be as broken up about it. In fact, most of them aren't at all sad about. 

It turns out for a lot of us, it feels like this comedy-drama has run its course and should have ended a long time ago. As one Canadian very cleverly pointed out, Piper was only supposed to be in there for two years. 

This Twitter user wasn't the only one to respond this way to the news of the show ending. In fact, a lot of the responses to the news sound almost happy that "Orange Is The New Black" is finally over. 

That being said, some Canadians have expressed that they will miss the show when it officially wraps up next year. But, they seem to be in the minority group here. 

Netflix hasn't announced an official release date for season seven, so we can't confirm when exactly the final episode will be. But, we know it will be next year in 2019. 

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