When it was announced that a show called Our Planet was coming to Netflix, audiences blew up with total excitement. At first, the show had viewers crying over the adorable animals and the beauty of nature. As more people watched though, they began to uncover some seriously gut-wrenching footage. Due to the Our Planet walrus scene backlash, Netflix has issued a warning to viewers about other disturbing footage.

If you're unfamiliar with the scene we're talking about, there is an episode in Our Planet that shows several Russian walruses plummeting to their death. The footage is very disturbing and hard to watch, and Netflix has received many complaints about it. However, the streaming service refuses to remove the scene because it holds an important message - we need to take better care of the environment.

What Netflix has done though, is issue out a warning to audiences about what scenes they should skip if they can't bear to see animals being hurt.

If you're curious about the disturbing footage, but don't have the heart to actually watch it, some of the scenes listed above include killer whales eating a penguin, jaguars killing an alligator, a baby flamingo's legs solidified in salt deposits, and fish being caught in nets.

Whether you've seen the footage or not, I think we can all agree that it's always emotionally trying to watch animals in pain, but the more important lesson here is that those animals are being stuck in these situations as a result of how we humans treat the planet.

Our Planet calls for humans to think twice about how much our actions impact the environment so we can save not only ourselves but the walruses and the flamingos as well.

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