The Golden Globe nominations for 2019 came out today and Canadians actually did really well! Jim Carrey, Stephan James, and Sandra Oh all received nominations for their acting and Sandra Oh will also be co-hosting the ceremony in January 2019. 

Apparently, though, none of that really matters. At least that's what people online are saying. All over Twitter this morning, people are calling the Golden Globes embarrassing, messy, and most popularly a complete joke.

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After the nominations were announced this morning, people quickly took to Twitter to not only call out some clear snubs or undeserving nominees but also go in on the entire Golden Globes awards. 

Among the complaints being hurled at the awards ceremony, people are saying that stars like Toni Colette and Ethan Hawke aren't getting enough recognition and neither are groundbreaking movies like Hereditary. Then there are a number of people calling the entire show a complete joke. 

Even some celebrities think the Golden Globes are a joke. Ricky Gervais said himself at the award show in 2016 that nobody actually cared about the awards except the actors themselves. Based on Twitter today, it seems that he's right. 

Part of the reason for this could be because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who decides the winners of the Golden Globes, has a history of weird choices. Instead of looking at critically acclaimed films or shows, the HFPA tends instead to choose new series and lesser-known films in an attempt to be rebellious against their competitor, the Academy. 

It's for this reason that some people have said the awards are a total joke since it's not actually about who deserves the awards more, but about being different than the Oscars or the Emmy's. 

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None the less some people are still excited for January's awards night, where Sandra Oh will join Andy Samberg in co-hosting the event. This year's Golden Globes will take place in Beverly Hills, California on Sunday, January 6th. 

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