New post-apocalyptic film Bird Box has been a huge hit on Netflix and people have taken their love of the movie to the next level. People keep on visiting the real-life Bird Box house and the owner has now responded to all the attention. 

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First people were attempting to live out the movie in real life by doing the "Bird Box Challenge" and blindfolding themselves in everyday life. This even led to a warning from Netflix advising against doing the challenge and saying it could lead to hospitalization. Now, fans are going all the way to visiting the real-life house of the movie. It's pretty clear that there are some diehard fans of Bird Box

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In the movie, Sandra Bullock's character and her two children hide in a house from an unseen evil force. With the mass popularity of Bird Box, the house has now become a tourist attraction, according to TMZ. The house is located in Los Angeles, California, in a suburb of Monrovia.

Ever since the movie was released in mid-December, people have been visiting the house every single day for the past few weeks, according to TMZ. According to them, everyone who has visited to take pictures of the real-life "Bird Box" house has been respectful. 

The exterior shots of the house were filmed at this Los Angeles home and the house is easily recognizable from the movie. It was even shown in the trailer for Bird Box. This is what the house looks like, if you have watched the movie, you'll definitely remember it. 

Via Netflix Bird Box Trailer | Youtube

The owner has now spoken up on how they feel about all the visitors to their private home. PEOPLE reports that she says "the visitors mostly want to take pictures with the stone staircase in the front, and they’ve all been quite courteous". According to her, some people have even knocked on the door to ask if they were allowed to take photos.

The owner also told TMZ that she was paid $12,000 for allowing her home to be filmed for Bird Box. It's not even the first time the house has made an appearance in a film, the owner says that this marks the fourth movie cameo in the past 20 years. However, she said that she couldn't remember what other films have used her house as a set. 

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