When you're sitting in your car listening to the radio, you probably often find yourself hit with the urge to change the station when an annoying song that you've heard way too many times comes on. There are some cases though when you actually want to turn the music up and sing along to the song the DJ is playing. For a lot of people, those moments happen when Post Malone starts blaring through the speakers. Whether it's one of his happy-go-lucky love songs like Sunflower, or a song that makes you want to dance like Wow, Malone never fails to release songs that get his listeners in their feelings, happy or sad. Post Malone's Toronto concert had fans feeling some type of way.

Before the summer ended, Malone announced that he had new music on the way. The singer's third album, titled Hollywood's Bleeding was released on September 6 to great reviews from fans and critics alike. Shortly after the album's release, Malone announced that he would be heading out on tour again, and unlike many other artists, he was sure to include several Canadian dates.

Malone's Runaway tour kicked off on September 14 in Tacoma, and the tour's second show took place in Vancouver, British Columbia on September 16.

Malone's most recent show took place yesterday, October 3, at Toronto's Scotiabank Arena. According to patrons in the audience, the show was one that they won't soon forget, and Malone's soulful voice helps him connect with every single person in the crowd.

"Ok, was at the @PostMalone concert in Toronto tonight. That guy makes his audience feel some fucking type of way... AND, you can tell he is pouring his EVERYTHING into his music," one fan tweeted. "@PostMalone such an intimate and emotional concert. Happy tears. Perfect energy. So much love. So much love. Love you. #PostMalone #Toronto" gushed another.

Although last night's concert was Malone's last show in Canada on the Runaway tour, the singer has previously mentioned that he loves to play Shania Twain backstage before his shows, so he's always got a little bit of Canada with him.

If you're interested in purchasing tickets for one of Post Malone's upcoming U.S. tour dates, you can do so at this link.

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