Jimmy Kimmel has been exposing Canadians during the NBA finals. So far his crew has uncovered that we're extremely nice and apparently can't trash talk. Before Game 5 he sent his crew back to Toronto to do some more digging. In his new segment, he discovered that Raptors fans aren't as loyal as they seem

He titled the video that aired on his Monday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, "Toronto Raptors Fans Betray Their Team." In the segment, he gets his camera people to ask fans supporting the Raptors to do promo for ABC.

After a montage of "Watch the Raptors on ABC," they're asked to switch their Raptors gear for a Warriors jersey and do promo for the Golden State. One fan was hesitant to agree and took some convincing, but the others took up the opportunity for some screen time immediately. 

One fan repeatedly chanted, "You tell no one." Other Torontonians walking along the sidewalk next to them even stopped to comment on their new apparel, "That's just horrible." One person was sad after getting a good look at the Warriors' jerseys. A construction worker even took a break to tell the cameraman to "get these guys out of here" while pointing to two raptors fans disguised in the yellow and blue jersey. 

Jimmy Kimmel ended the segment by thanking Torontonians for being so kind to them. After all, our Raptors fans were helping them out with providing footage they weren't able to get in California!

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