Grey's Anatomy hit another huge milestone last night that involved huge blasts from the past. The famous medical drama celebrated the airing of their 350th episode with a pretty important court date. Not only was Meredith confronted with patients from the past that made the episode special, but Sandra Oh's Grey's Anatomy return last night will make you so emotional. 

Last night's episode focused solely on the trial surrounding Meredith's suspended medical license for committing insurance fraud in order to save a patient's life. 

Although the episode was filled with nostalgic memories, it wasn't by any means a happy episode. 

Not only was she confronted with the ER doctor responsible for the death of her ex-husband Dr. Derek Shepherd, but she got into some relationship troubles with her newest flame Andrew DeLuca

In between testimonies from old patients (including her first-ever patient) and the news that Meredith wasn't actually supposed to become an intern at Seattle Grace, she also received a whole slew of emotional letters. 

The letters came as recommendations for the court from former characters, Addison Montgomery, Callie Torres, April Kepner, Arizona Robbins, and most importantly Cristina Yang. 

Although Sandra Oh didn't exactly make it back for the episode, the letter sent by her character had us snuggling with the tissue box for a good ten minutes. 

Yang penned, “Dear Medical Commission, People who know me would describe me as selfish to a fault. After that, they’d say ‘honest.’ I can honestly tell you that if I were ever dying and a surgery stood between me and death, Dr. Grey’s hands are the only ones I would want inside my body. Taking away her license is signing the death certificates of countless future patients. She is a light in a broken system that she will fix — whether you want her to or not. She is the sun, and she is unstoppable. Sincerely, Dr. Cristina Yang."

Meredith and Cristina's friendship is still one of the best things that has ever been featured on the show and the writers definitely know that. 

Earlier this season Cristina was also featured in an episode in text form that had Grey's Anatomy fans freaking out. 

We can't hope but feel like all these small Cristina Yang appearances are increasing our chances of actually getting a potential cameo from Sandra Oh

But for now, we're content with crying over how beautiful their friendship still is, even if it is offscreen. 

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