Oh Canada! There's always a good time to show off your Canadian pride and Sandra Oh did just that during a virtual interview with Jimmy Kimmel. The two played a game testing the Killing Eve star's skills in knowing what items were invented in her homeland.

In the video posted by Jimmy Kimmel Live recently, the actress and talk show host first discussed her parents Joon-Soo and Young-Nan who are currently sheltering in Vancouver.

Oh shared that they usually join her for appearances on the talk show, but this time around they couldn't join in.

The actress born in Nepean, Ontario tested out her patriotism to her homeland with a game of Is It Canadian? with Kimmel. The goal was to guess whether each of the five items was invented by a Canadian.

First up was the Zamboni machine. Oh guessed correctly that "no, because I think it's so obvious that it would be a Canadian invention." Frank Zamboni created the machine in LA County in 1949.

Second up was Hawaiian pizza, the food you either love or hate. Oh guessed that it comes from Canada which was correct! The pineapple topped pizza was created in Ontario's Satellite Restaurant in 1962.

The only other item Kimmel offered that doesn't have Canadian roots is flannel, which was created in Wales in the 1600s.

Both the California roll and peanut butter come from inventors across the country, which Oh correctly guessed.

Oh instantly knew that the California roll was created in Vancouver, and Kimmel said that it got its name because it was popular with visitors from LA.

As for peanut butter, Kimmel explained that the sticky treat was "invented and patented by a Montreal pharmacist in 1884 as a food option for people who couldn't chew."

Oh ended off her perfect score by quizzing the talk show host on the shirt she was wearing, featuring the words "The Nature of Things".

They surrounded a photo of a very familiar Canadian face, but Kimmel couldn't figure out who he was, noting that he looked like painter Bob Ross. However, Oh explained that the face on her shirt was science broadcaster and environmental activist, David Suzuki.

Last month, the former Grey's Anatomy star shared that she's been spending her time indoors connecting with old friends from Canada. Oh attended the National Theatre School in Montreal, Quebec and said that she coordinates virtual happy hours on Fridays with her former classmates. 

You can catch Oh in new episodes of Killing Eve season 3 every Sunday at 10 p.m. on the CTV Drama Channel. 

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