Your next movie marathon with your bébé can be totally Rose family-themed. Over the years, we've fallen in love with the Schitt's Creek cast for their hilarious and relatable personalities. If you just can't get enough of them, pop on these Netflix Canada movies that they star in.

This April marks the end of the six-season-long series that first entered our homes in 2015. 

Produced in Canada and featuring an almost entirely Canadian cast, the show has stolen the hearts of thousands of viewers.

Some even love it so much that they get licence plates tributes to Alexis' iconic "Ew, David!". If you have a friend (or yourself, really) who's passionate about the series, there's also a ton of goodies you find online too.

You'll want to wear your Rose Apothecary t-shirt while watching these eight flicks.

Admission // Dan Levy

The co-creators breakout role was alongside Tina Fey and Paul Rudd in the 2013 comedy. Levy played James, a college leader who shows potential new students around campus. The plot centers around a young boy hoping to get into Princeton who meets the admissions officer that puts her job on the line to get him in.

Goon // Eugene Levy

Staying true to his Canadian roots, the patriarch of the Levy family starred in the 2011 ice hockey flick. He played Dr. Glatt in the movie about a bouncer with the goal to lead a team of misfits into hockey success.

Madea's Witness Protection // Eugene Levy

A year later, Levy also starred in this comedy classic that comes from Tyler Perry. His character George Needleman is a CFO of a New York City company. He gets accused of laundering money and must put his family in the witness protection program, which ends up being at Madea's home.

Killers // Catherine O'Hara

The icon behind Moira Rose starred in the 2010 action comedy opposite Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. She played Heigl's mom Mrs. Kornfeldt alongside the father played by Tom Selleck. The family goes on a vacation together where their daughter meets and falls for a man who ends up being an assassin which gets them into quite the trouble.

Holiday Joy // Jennifer Robertson

Christmas is long over but the snow is persisting so that means it's still appropriate to watch holiday films, right? The actress behind Jocelyn Schitt starred in this 2016 flick opposite Bailee Madison who plays a young girl that makes a Christmas wish which isn't as perfect as she hoped for.  

Scary Movie 4 // Chris Elliott

The hilarious face behind Roland Schitt has been in the acting industry since the early '80s. He's had a whole bunch of roles including playing Ezekiel in Scary Movie 4 and Hanson in Scary Movie 2, both of which are on Netflix Canada. The movies will get your scares and your laughs in at once.

Groundhog Day // Chris Elliott 

If you're looking for a good throwback flick, this 1993 classic starring Bill Murray will satisfy. Elliott plays the character, Larry, the cameraman in the story about a weatherman who relives the same day over and over again.

Nutty Professor II: The Klumps // Chris Elliott 

Nothing beats a classic Eddie Murphy film from the early 2000s. This sequel in The Nutty Professor franchise featured Elliott as a Restaurant Manager. Murphy's character Professor Sherman Klump faces a threat when one of his many clones turns against him.

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