If you’re a fan of the CBC sitcom, then you may be in luck. Based on a recent photoset shared by a fan, we just might be able to see the show’s co-creator and star in another production this year. That’s because Schitt’s Creek Dan Levy and Kristen Stewart were spotted filming Happiest Season this week.

An Instagram user named depiction_illustration posted videos and photos of what they saw.

The first video shows the two actors walking and talking together while cars pass by. In the second video, they’re again seen from a distance while a team of crew members follow them with a camera and boom mic. The photos show over a dozen crew members working on video production.

The user added the caption, “While walking to lunch, I find they are shooting a film at the end of the street. I’m pretty sure this is Kristen Stewart in the #happiestseason film. It never gets old seeing the movie folks doing their work.”

In a second comment from the poster, they added hashtags #pittsburgh and #lawrencevillepittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported on January 8 that shooting in the city was set to start later this month.

A tweet from 31st Street Studios confirmed that on January 21, “shooting has officially begun”.

Another Twitter user named S. Jae-Jones shared a photo of a production notice she received for the film. She wrote that they’re filming below her apartment and the notice was posted yesterday.

The notice lists Stewart, along with Mackenzie Davis and Alison Brie as starring actors.

According to Deadline, the plot “follows a young woman (Stewart) whose plan to propose to her girlfriend (Davis) while at her family’s annual holiday party is upended when she discovers her partner hasn’t yet come out to her conservative parents.”

Levy’s role in the film hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. According to IMDb, the only two actors listed so far are Stewart and Davis. Levy’s IMDb page notes that this would be his first acting role since the Schitt’s Creek finale.

Deadline reported that the film is set for release on November 20, 2020.

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