When you think of the most Canadian TV shows, your brain automatically goes to Degrassi. That's a pretty good guess, but that show is also in the past. Schitt's Creek has officially taken over as the most Canadian TV show ever, and everyone around the world enjoys it. So much so that fans were basically only watching the 2019 Emmy Awards to see if Schitt's Creek would win. 

If you're not familiar with the Emmy Awards, it's an award show that recognizes TV shows from lead actress to outstanding comedy series. Lucky for us, Schitt's Creek was nominated for both of those awards. Catherine O'Hara sadly lost to Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and Eugene Levy lost to Bill Hader.

If you were watching the Emmys, you may not have even recognized half the people there. You're not alone. But there are a ton of Canadian actors and actresses there stealing the show just with their outfits alone. 

While fans were patiently waiting to see if Schitt's Creek won outstanding comedy series (which they totally deserved), they were tweeting about how bored they are otherwise.

You can read the tweets below: 

On the red carpet before the awards show, Dan and Eugene Levy actually revealed that they're in a "state of shock" that they were invited, let alone nominated.

Dan told E! News that, "It's a very surreal experience to go, like, four years where people barely know what your show is about, and then suddenly one year changes and everyone knows it. It's very weird to be here, I'm not going to lie."

Unfortunately, they lost again to Fleabag and fans are flipping out. Lucky for us, they're using the opportunity to use some of the best Rose family reactions. 

They'll have one more shot to cinch an Emmy though — season 6 will premiere on January 7, 2020. Keep your fingers crossed!

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