It was just five short winters ago that we got the pilot episode for the CBC sitcom. Viewers have quickly become big fans of a filthy rich turned dirt poor family whose story might not be relatable but is certainly entertaining. Hopefully, you've accepted that this season will be the last and the Schitt's Creek season six premiere recap will have you wondering where the rest of the main cast is.

The episode titled "Smoke Signals" had its debut last night and the rest of the season can be watched on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on CBC until April.

We first saw a struggling Alexis trying to pack her overflowed suitcase for a six month trip to the Galápagos Islands with her boyfriend Ted. As you'll recall, he already embarked there at the end of season five.

Then patriarch Johnny Rose walks in and is joined by new fiances, David and Patrick. They're on their way to a potential wedding venue which David conveniently didn't invite his sister to because he thinks she's more concerned about leaving her family. 

Obviously, Alexis is hurt by that and shocked that her brother invited their parents rather than her. Stevie is going too because she and David are BFFs. 

We also learned that Moira ended up temporarily moving into the motel closet which we saw her crawl into at the end of season five.

Roland accidentally burns a toaster pop because he's confused that something with the name "toaster" can't be toasted (classic Roland). He runs into the Rose's room to come to Moira's aid from the smoke when she's stuck in the closet that has finicky handles. 

Alexis joins David, Patrick, and Stevie to the wedding venue and says they can just drop her off at the airport on the way home. 

The venue is on an extremely beautiful property that the grooms realize they can't afford but are offered a discount deal if they have their wedding on the first Sunday of the month--marking their big day only a month away. That doesn't work for Alexis who will be in the Galápagos by then.

Of course, as most sitcoms go, they turn down the venue for Alexis and also because they hear an unexpected violent screaming that "sounds like a thousand babies teething" according to David. It's just the farm next door slaughtering pigs which they do on the first Sunday of every month.

Moira and Johnny go for a romantic stroll at the infamous Schitt's Creek which we finally see for the first time in six seasons. 

While there, Moira proposes a naughty rendezvous with her husband and he undresses while she walks away to take a phone call. She gets told her movie Crows is back on and is elated only to turn around and see Johnny soaking wet beside a police officer who caught him for indecent exposure. He ends up letting Johnny off with a warning.

The episode concludes with the family back at the motel enjoying a barbeque together. That's where Patrick recommends to David to have the wedding there since the place means so much to them and has big open land for David to work his wedding planning magic. 

Alexis won't be leaving on her trip for another month because she realized she read the ticket as July 7 when it's actually August 8 and it's non-refundable so she'll just wait it out. 

You'll notice that only seven of the main cast members appeared in episode one. 

That means Twyla, Jocelyn, Bob, Ted, and even Ronnie were nowhere to be seen.

Of course, the show really is about the Rose family so it's possible creators Eugene and Dan Levy just wanted to focus on them for the day.

Hopefully, the rest of the hilarious cast will be seen in the next episode of the final season of Schitt's Creek.

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