The countdown to the beginning of the end of one of the best shows on TV right now is inching closer every day, marking an emotional time for avid fans. The past few weeks have involved suspenseful sneak peeks but finally the Schitt's Creek season six trailer dropped and it involves a ton of emotional hugs. 

The Rose family and friends are coming back for a final season after creators Eugene and Dan Levy decided to end the series after the sixth one.

Season five left us with the romantic engagement between David and Patrick, Alexis and Ted about to embark on a trip to Galapagos, and Stevie's Broadway debut. 

The minute and a half trailer was shared on CBC Comedy's YouTube channel and it shares some interesting plot twists.

It starts off with a scene of Johnny, Moira, and Stevie in front of the "partially renovated" Rosebud motel in what seems to be a commercial advertisement for the run down hotel.

There's also a glimpse of David having a bridezilla moment as he exclaims, "I'm not having our big day compromised because Alexis wanted to chill in a tankini for six months!" The drama looks intense.

Halfway through the video, the mood changes to a sadder tone as we see Alexis and David embrace as they express that they're going to miss each other. So perhaps Alexis will be taking off after all.

Patrick and Johnny also shared an emotional moment as David's fiance shares how "incredibly lucky" he feels to be joining the Rose family.

Ted surprises Alexis, Roland and Johnny share a big hug, but then Alexis is seen crying on her father's shoulder. 

The trailer is also narrated by Johnny saying that he and his family have stayed at the motel for three years and "I wouldn't trade our stay there for anything."

Hopefully, tissues will go on sale sometime before the season six premiere on January 7. 

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