Horror fans rejoice, a Scream Queens reboot may be in the works and here's what we know so far! Scream Queens creator Ryan Murphy announced on Instagram that a few of the main characters would love to do a reboot.

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The hilarious horror series first premiered on Fox back in 2015 and was taken off the air only a short year later. Even though the show was only on the air for two years, it gained quite the cult following.

Fans have been asking for a reboot for years following its cancellation. Since then, there have been rumours that the show might get revived for the fans, and today, Ryan Murphy finally revealed that it's actually in the works. 

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Here's what we know.

According to Ryan Murphy's Instagram post, a few of the main characters or "Chanels" are interested in rebooting the series. That includes Queen B, Chanel Oberlin aka Emma Roberts. 

In addition to Roberts, Murphy states that Lea Michele who played Hester Ulrich and Billie Lourd who played Chanel #3 have all "mused" over rebooting or continuing Scream Queens. Unfortunately, there's no word on whether Keke Palmer or Abigail Breslin will be included in the suspected reboot.

Amazingly, these three were the main stars of the series when it originally aired so if they're down for a reboot, it looks like it will probably happen!

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Murphy stated in his Instagram post that they're debating between rebooting the series as a short series or film or between trying to continue the series in general, similar to Fuller House. Full House originally aired in the late 1980s for over 10 years and returned to Netflix as Fuller House in 2016. Since rebooting, Fuller House has aired five new seasons!

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Murphy also explained that if the show is rebooted temporarily, they're thinking about bringing the iconic series back as a six-part limited series or as a one-time-only film! 

If you want to have your say, then you should head over to Instagram and comment your suggestions on his post. Murphy stated that he really wants the fans' opinions on who should be included or how they should go about reviving the series before deciding to reboot the show!

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