At this point, I'm so used to hearing about Khloe Kardashian's photoshop fails, that I find myself instantly looking for them whenever I see that she's posted a new photo. There's nothing wrong with throwing some filters on your selfie or tweaking a few things here and there, but I think most of us can agree that Khloe tends to go overboard when it comes to her editing. Khloe posted a photo just this morning, and fans are already calling her out for using photoshop wrong again.

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If you just take a quick glance at the photo, I think Khloe looks amazing. Her blonde hair is easily one of my favourite looks, and her makeup and outfit look great to boot! If you have a keen eye for photoshop fails though, you'll instantly notice that her thumb looks a little bit off.

There's a very obvious blur mark over her finger, which shows that she was obviously adjusting it, or trying to hide something. Most people tend to edit their waist, or their double chin, but if it's your thumb that you're insecure about, then go off sis! Khloe's followers definitely noticed the photoshop fail, and they weren't afraid to let her know in the comments:

Via khloekardashian

Fans have been keeping a close eye on Khloe's photos lately, especially after her sister Kim posted a photo with her that's... less than flattering. It seems that no one really knows what Khloe looks like - she very well could be catfishing us all, or the paparazzi might just be really good at snapping her bad angles.

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