One of Netflix's latest projects is a reality TV series about a group of houseguests who compete against one another in a Big Brother style competition, but instead of battling it out face to face, they only communicate via social media. The series has received great reviews already, just weeks after launching on the streaming service, but as people finish watching it, they're beginning to look for shows like The Circle on Netflix Canada.

Since the new series is so unique and innovative, there really is nothing quite like it available on the platform right now. However, if you're a fan of reality TV in general, you'll likely be very satisfied with the endless options that Netflix has to offer.

If you look hard enough, you can find everything from shows about pregnant mothers who absolutely live for drama, as well as competition shows between couples to determine who is hotter. Sure some of it may be totally cheesy, but that's exactly what makes reality television so d*mn good.

Now that the weekend is upon us and you've got some time to relax, here are a few hilarious and unforgettable reality TV shows that you need to check out on Netflix Canada:

Cooking on High

Rating: 4.9/10 on IMDb

Cooking shows are always fun to watch, but Cooking on High adds an extra element to the show to keep things interesting — each recipe made by contestants has to somehow include cannabis, but still taste incredible.

My Hotter Half

Rating: 3.7/10 on IMDb

Of course, you think your partner is great looking, but have you ever wondered what others think of them? In My Hotter Half, couples face off against one another to see which of them is considered more attractive by the general population.

It's a pretty superficial show, but you won't want to stop watching.

Skin Wars: Fresh Paint

Rating: 6.1/10 on IMDb

If you're tired of watching Drag Race but you want some more RuPaul in your life, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint is undoubtedly your best option.

The series follows a group of artists and creatives from different mediums as they're put up to the ultimate challenge — body painting.

100% Hotter

Rating: 4.4/10 on IMDb

If you enjoy shows like Queer Eye, you'll definitely want to add 100% Hotter to your list on Netflix. The show takes people who are struggling with fashion, hair and makeup, and teaches them a few tips and tricks to get them feeling and looking more confident than ever before.

Yummy Mummies

Rating: 3.8/10 on IMDb

The best way to describe this series might be as the Keeping Up with the Kardashians of Australia. Yummy Mummies follows four of Australia's hottest mom's to be as they prepare themselves for everything to come, while still maintaining their fabulous lifestyles, of course.

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