The holiday season has officially arrived! Yes, it's only November 7th but Netflix Canada doesn't seem to care. They've decided to mark today as not only the start of the Christmas season but also the start of "Love Actually Season". 

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That's right, Love Actually, the quintessential holiday film is officially back on Netflix Canada. The streaming service released the film today and announced the exciting news on Twitter. 

If you've never heard of Love Actually, you're missing out. The 2003 film follows the story of 8 couples on their quest for love at the holiday season. The film also has some amazing stars like Hugh Grant, Kiera Knightly, Liam Neeson, and Colin Firth. 

Love Actually is considered the ultimate Christmas movie not only because of the amazing cast but also the uplifting storylines and the killer soundtrack. Now that it's on Netflix Canada, its officially time to start your holiday binge. 

Once you've watched all the Love Actually that you can handle, Netflix Canada keeps the good times rolling with even more amazing and new holiday films to binge, and the best part is all of them are coming out this month. 

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Among the Christmas movies coming out this month or recently released are Angela's Christmas, The Holiday Calendar, The Princess Switch, The Christmas Chronicles, and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, which are all Netflix Originals. 

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Most people are super stoked about Love Actually and all the other holiday movies coming out, but there is one complaint. The biggest question Canadians have for Netflix is where is Elf?  While we wait, at least we have Love Actually. 

Source: MTL BLog

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