If there's anything the internet unanimously adores these days, it's the cast and characters on Stranger Things. What's even more exciting for Canadians is the fact that Finn Wolfhard, who stars as Mike Wheeler, was born and raised in Vancouver and still honours his Canadian roots. The show was definitely his big break, and it seems like he's just as much of a fan of the Netflix series as we are. Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard asked for a blooper reel of outtakes two years ago and finally got one today. 

In honour of "Stranger Things Day", the official Twitter account for the show released a blooper reel from season 3. On the tweet, they wrote, "WE DECLARE THIS THE DAY FULL OF BLOOPERS (this is the first blooper of #strangerthingsday)". November 6 was declared "Stranger Things Day" because it's the day that character Will Byers went missing in season one of the show. 

But the Stranger Things account has been putting off releasing blooper reels for quite a while, and it's possible they only did now because Wolfhard begged for it. In October 2017, he tweeted at them saying, "Hey @Stranger_Things can someone release a dang blooper reel? Need my fix of the cast being unprofessional" and on the same day they replied, "so bloopers do exist...@strangerwriters".

And yesterday, two years after the interaction, the Stranger Things account revisited Wolfhard's tweet and wrote, "this time tomorrow" with eyeball emojis. 

In response to their the tweet sharing the blooper reel video, a user wrote, "FIRST?? THERE'S GONNA BE MORE???" and the official account responded with, "WE'RE CRAZY LIKE THAT". 

So good news Stranger Things fans because you now have season four and more blooper reels to look forward from the cast you know and love.

In case you haven't seen it yet, check out the blooper reel below.

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