Are you doing a lot of binge-watching now that you're at home every day? Well, you can take tuning into some Canadian favourites to a whole new level. Tanner Zipchen is back and serving up self-isolation food pairings to go with five Canadian TV shows.

On Twitter, Zipchen posted a video of him celebrating some of the best TV Canada has to offer that people are watching during self-isolation.

He paired five shows with foods you probably already have in your home to make binge-watching a little bit tastier and staying at home a little more bearable.

Plus, all the shows are available for streaming on Netflix or Crave and there's no real cooking involved. So easy!

"Hey guys and welcome to cooking in quarantine where I pair some of the best Canadian content with all your supplies for self-isolation," the former Cineplex host said in the video.

He starts off with Schitt's Creek.

"Well, if I know anything about Moira Rose, she loves the ritzy lifestyle," Zipchen said.

So he paired a binge-watch with those little Ritz Bits sandwich cookies and some day-old reheated coffee.

That's not the tastiest snack but it's definitely on-brand for Schitt's Creek.

For Letterkenny, he told Canadians to tuck your shirt into your pants, grab a yogurt and sit in a lawn chair to watch the show.

Next up is Kim's Convenience

Get out all the things you could buy from your local convenience store and have it all laid out to get the same effect as actually going into a store.

Then the Canadian said to "dine on your neighbourhood's finest" while starting a marathon of the show.

With Workin' Moms, pair a binge-watching session with a plain old bologna sandwich that mimics childhood lunches.

Here Zipchen is at his most relatable.

A marathon of this show can't be complete without a glass - or an entire bottle - of wine.

If you've been trying to hunt down some ever-elusive toilet paper, you might be jealous of all the rolls Zipchen has for his next pairing.

"As you're probably not getting as much sun staying in self-isolation, it's important to stay healthy," he said.

Anne With An E goes perfectly with vitamin D.

"You can even take your vitamins from an island of toilet paper as big as P.E.I.," Zipchen said with eight rolls in front of him.

Happy self-isolation watching, everybody!

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