Netflix has long reigned supreme as the top subscription service in North America and who have protest why? They've got arguably the best selection in comparison to Hulu and Amazon Prime and are constantly adding new content. Though it seems there's a new contender in town that is posing to be a serious competitor against the streaming giant and it's called BritBox. 

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So what exactly is BritBox? It's basically the British version of Netflix, and when is a British version of anything a bad thing? The subscription service is owned by the two bigwigs in the UK's television industry, being ITV and BBC. So it features a ton of British television, anything from romcoms, soap operas, mysteries and movies- and let's be real, everyone loves a British Tv (Skins anybody??) 

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The service is now officially available for Canadians to snag for $8.99 per month after a 7-day free trial and Canada now joins the UK and the States in hosting the platform. So if you love to binge your Brit reality TV or any shows for that matter, you may want to consider testing out the free trial, it may just end up in you ditching Netflix! You can find out more details here

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