Who says you have to wait for season 2? The Circle on Netflix took over the reality TV world earlier this year when it premiered with its unique virtual concept. Although it’s been renewed for a season 2, there’s been no set release date. However, The Circle France is about to hit the platform and could be just as wild of a ride.

If you’ve yet to watch The Circle on Netflix, the series has been compared to Catfish: The TV Show, Big Brother, and even Black Mirror. A group of people are selected to be isolated in a small apartment by themselves. Their only contact with other contestants is through an Alexa-like device called ‘The Circle’.

Contestants create an online profile, whether it’s truthful or not, and participate in virtual games in hopes that they’ll impress their components to prevent elimination. They compete to become the top influencer with the last one standing taking home a cash prize.

According to the trailer for The Circle France, the premise looks much the same and just as shocking. If you don’t mind french subtitles, the sneak peek teases at chaos, romance, controversy, and of course, with a lot of catfishing.

Some fans of the reality series have already taken to Twitter to express their excitement over a version from France. One user even admitted they’ll be watching “every version of this show in every language.”

If you’re ready to go full in, The Circle Brazil hit the platform back on March 11 and is also available to stream.

The Circle France is set to be released on Netflix on April 9. You can watch the full trailer below.

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